Girls story of getting the man of her dreams

In this article I will share with you that that worked at me! Many years in my private life there was a full stagnation. If I fell in love with the man, as a result he was or at all such what seemed initially, or simply did not reciprocate to me: ((. Yes, unfortunately, at […]

Make laws of attraction work for you

Probably while you where on chat rooms of on dating scene you heard about the law of attraction. Very many people say that it is much easier to speak about it, than to force it to work. It is a lie! The law of attraction prepared for you in 7 councils which will help you […]

Why girls fall for bad boys?

It is some inaccuracy in calculations of the world reason, it is an obvious error in the theory of world justice, it is similar to mass insanity. It is inexplicable, but the fact – good girls pulls to bad guys, as a girl magnet: if we were James Bond, quite could christen this phenomenon the […]