8 points to find love again


In life of each person there comes the moment when we are disappointed in the unsuccessful relations and decide that time to refuse to the search of love came. However, there are 8 points, following which it is possible to find love again.

For a long time, you did everything possible to find the man of your dreams: communicated online, went to parties, asked friends to acquaint you with someone interesting. And even if you also met him, he was again not that who is necessary to you.

This series of acquaintances and appointments were very tiresome, and at times seemed useless and hopeless. As a result you were disappointed and made the decision that there is no love also to you it never to meet. Before finally being given, it is necessary to make several simple things.

1. Find your limits and believe in yourself

It is important to be convinced that you are in love with yourself. Many people look for love and confirmation from other person. Only seeing it in the opinion of darling, they can feel integral and happy. Only in the company of the person they can feel strong, sure and worthy. As a result, we do not love and we do not know ourselves, our relations fall. Therefore, if you are afraid that you will never find true love, find time and recognize yourself. Attentively look who you are actually. What your purposes and values. Meet with the people who you are out of the close circle. To do that you can join cam girls party to meet new female friends. To recognize yourself and work on yourself out of the relations this can seem frightening, but the most important that you can make to find true love.

2. Stop

Just stop and recover the breath. An important part of search of true love is the termination of its search. Sometimes the persistent aspiration to something only pushes away it from us. Do you spend all the free time, thinking of your potential partner? Do you spend several hours a day, swipe to the right and to the left on dating sites and participating in a talk which does not lead to anything? You feel disappointed and devastated?

Perhaps, time to take a break and to focus on something another came. You can plunge a little more deeply into work or be engaged in volunteering and to change something. You can make repair and shift in the apartment or to go to a travel which was always wanted to be made. It can be anything, the main thing that it would make you happy and satisfied. Would you allow to execute a part of work on knowledge of reality?

3. Review and revaluate your criteria

Whether you know accurately what you want from the man? For example, criteria of growth and appearance, income, age, marital status, habits and image of his life? Whether you consider people out of these criteria?

Yes, all of us have “the type”, but this “type” sometimes changes. We change, become more adult too and are wiser. Perhaps, time to create new points and to overestimate the criteria of search came.

So, attentively look at your criteria and look what can be added and expanded. Give to some people chance which you, perhaps, earlier never gave. Act in a different way, and everything can be developed in a new way.

4. Look back to learn

One more very important thing which needs to be made before finally giving up search of love – it is attentive to look at what happened in your previous relations. So, we can gain a clear idea of what we want and what we do not want in the following relations. We can define what went not so and to find out how it is possible to work in a different way.

5. Write the letter of gratitude

Write the letter of gratitude to the former partner. Thank for all good that you endured together, about the best qualities which were shown in you during these relations. And also for unpleasant events which took place, for painful emotions which you experienced. If to look more attentively, then even behind pain you can see some kind of gift or a lesson. Something new this pain taught that you and what you became thanks to it. As a rule, our partners help us to become the best version of, and it often happens through the heavy and unpleasant moments.

6. Do not expect the result, enjoy the process

The relations cannot be result as it is a way on which there are two persons with the features. The world changes, people too, the relations can become stronger, change or break up. After disintegration they can be restored and pass a certain cycle. They are never stable, and it is necessary to work on them constantly. It reminds change of seasons: winter, spring, summer, fall. And if you are lonely now, perhaps, in your relations there came the winter. Time to realize new, to work over itself and to be prepared for spring came.

7. Create the movie in your head

Think over to what movie your previous relations were similar. What part was assigned to you there? Whether the script of this movie is pleasant to you? Write all that was not pleasant to you and that you wanted instead. For example, the man promised much and did a little, you were disappointed. Instead you want the man of the hero who always keeps the word. How will your relations and what will be you in them develop then? Revise romantic movies and choose those which to you most of all respond, try to enter the relations in this movie. Write several paragraphs about your future love. As you feel near the man as your life looks, and do not forget to include love to yourself there.

8. Trust

Key part of search of true love even if you are afraid that you will never make it, is just to believe that it will happen. To trust contrary to everything and to keep calm, continuing to live life. Only if you believe that something happens, it will happen.