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If you are a true fan of live sex shows – you probably know that there is such website where you can watch unlimited live sex shows in the best quality webcam stream. As law of attractions tells us – quality service attracts quality people.

These folks are camming industry pioneers. With their decades long experience and knowledge of how it all works and constant strive to perfection, they are still on top on the hill comparing to other camming players of the same category.

Best Camming Experience for Guys

As an old member of Jasminlive I am sure that it’s worth every dollar I spend using the VIP service. I like how they respect their members and treat them like kings. Customer support is top notch and you can even reach them by phone 24/7. Girls also are nice and love guys who are registered. If you are still not a member – do so and you will not regret. I laugh then I watch so called guest chat room visitors who are begging girls to get naked and they just ignore them.

Jasmin is not about horny guys who just want to watch and jerk off. It’s a community of like minded people who go live to have an adventure every time. We love to chat with each other and most of the time it’s not just about sex. We share our life stories with girls and they share theirs. Sex is much better than you get to know your partner. The same rules apply on live cams.

Cam Girl Types

On other camming platforms you can see that girls are just about sex. But this place is different, you can find a soul mate and a good friend by cam chatting. There are girls from all over the world and at any time you visit your members area you find a hot chick you bookmarked. Most of the girls on Jasmin are doing exclusive shows and you will not find them on any other website performing. It’s a common problem on other camming sites and the reason why most camming veterans like and enjoy every minute spent on Jasminlive.

You probably saw such situations where people are typing messages to the girl and from the live stream it looks like she doesn’t even see them. They are seen typing but no message pops up in the chat. The reason for that is simple – girls are using multiple platforms and streaming to many sites at the same time. This kind of activity is prohibited on Jasminlive.

Actual girl types vary a lot. From cute and submissive Asian babes to single mothers who are looking for some love online. From fit girls to big and beautiful models. It’s a paradise for guys who love big tits or big ass. Every type of girl can be found camming right now because it’s at a peak of popularity and with the highest number of girls performing.

The Beginning

At first it was a small webcam studio in Hungary. It started around 2001 and since then their way to the top was a straight line. We believe that is because these guys have been following and growing their business from bottom to the top and became a leading platform for camming. As they started from webcam studio, they know what it takes and how webcam models work. They know how to make their life easier with specific technological decisions. Site as we know it started with a single model with nickname Jasmin. This how where the brand came from.

Today the guy who founded the site is among top richest people of Hungary.

We wish you the best time and amazing memories with cam girls. No matter if you have other favorite website or you are also a fan of Jasminlive.

Evenings with people from various places of the world makes life amazing and I love spending time chatting with them online. I wish you all the best. Meet your soul mate to share your experiences and love with them and everything with fall to the right place.