Girls story of getting the man of her dreams


In this article I will share with you that that worked at me! Many years in my private life there was a full stagnation. If I fell in love with the man, as a result he was or at all such what seemed initially, or simply did not reciprocate to me: ((.

Yes, unfortunately, at many women and girls, was, or still is, such problem – they cannot attract the worthy man of the dream. Happens that in general it is difficult to meet and attract the man in the life who would be pleasant. Or the woman meets the man, he is pleasant to her initially, but they start communicating closer, meet, and he appears not that who is necessary to it or even not what seemed to it in the beginning.

Happens and so that the woman or the girl long one, in her life long there were no appointments, courtship, the woman feels need for man’s attention, dreams to attract the man in the life, about care and caress. The same thing applies with webcam girls, they are looking for attention they are not getting in their home, so they go on live cams and seeking their love there. Here she also starts looking narrowly, peering, finds attractive lines in those people to whom earlier and did not pay attention, but also it sometimes leads to understanding that to her did not become more comfortable, she did not find on the present of close, native, darling, of the person! But how to attract the man? How it is not simple to attract the man in the life, and the man of the dream, the half? By the way how to understand, what man is suitable for the long relations and who deceives you, manipulates you, you can learn from the remarkable article “9 Mistakes Everyone Makes on Their First Date” — will surely get mistakes on the first appointments and read.

In many respects the problem of absence of the man who would be pleasant to the woman, arises at those who did not formulate and did not create at itself in the head an image of the man. And how the law of an attraction if we do not know, what or whom we want to attract in the life will work in your opinion? It is simple to eat women (and such much) who do not represent what specifically the man they would like to see near themselves? They want to attract the man “in general”, to be happy somehow “generally”. As a result, they also meet the “inconcrete” man and it is quite natural that he appears not that. And how to attract the man if the woman does not even know, which man she wants to see in the life? How to start the law of an attraction if we do not know whom we want to attract in action?

Because of lack of a concrete image it seems to many people think that the law of an attraction does not work. And the mistake in the following — at the woman, perhaps, is indistinct feelings that she wants from the man, from the relations of what she would like the partner, but these feelings and representations quite, not issued in a concrete image. Happens, the woman in the head has a substitution of concepts and she looks for that is necessary for it, but looks for not where would follow. About when dreams come true, and when there is no.

For example, the woman wants to see the strong, wise, responsible man nearby. Understanding, careful, self-assured, etc. And, in her opinion, the man has to have all these qualities mature (in sense of age) or, at least, at the man who will be more senior than it. And she consciously or unconsciously pays the attention to men more adults, than she. But age at all not an indicator of a true maturity and existence of certain human qualities. Important not that, how many years of the life the person, and HOW he lived them lived. As a result, the woman wants to see emotionally mature man nearby, and chooses on age – and quite often is mistaken. How it is correct to choose the man to be with him happy, learn from article “How to choose the man. Make the correct actions with the correct men”.

Or the woman wants that near her there was Man who would fill her life with pleasure, unusual events, surprises, acts. The partner with which easily and cheerfully to go on life. And she attributes these lines and manifestations to the man of a creative profession (the artist, the musician, the actor, the writer.) The profession, of course, leaves a mark on the person and its choice is not casual, but happens that people cheerful in the professions amusing others on a scene are very heavy in family life, depressive, even inattentive to relatives. I do not urge to think stamps at all, to impose labels “the big child”. Is not present of course, how it is important to understand that specifically the woman wants from the relations, what man she wants, but not to substitute important “criteria of search” insignificant (if it is possible to be expressed so), not to be engaged in self-deception!

Here therefore to attract the man in the life, first of all it is necessary to understand a concrete image of the man with which to you would be to live comfortably and happily.

For me all aforesaid not simply abstract reflections, all this I passed on personal experience. I created an image of the man of which wanted to meet, fall in love, be favorite it and to live together. And moreover – all this was realized, the law of an attraction works! In this article I want to share how I reached it.

By the way, recently I read article in the magazine (the small magazine distributed free of charge for reading in the subway), article was called “How to find the man of dream. Councils of psychologists”. Also it appeared that psychologists advise in many respects that I did. It was interestingly and pleasantly to realize! Therefore, I want to tell you about the happy experience and to place some councils of psychologists in article.

Some History Of The Girl I Talk About

As I already spoke, in my life some years the situation, under the name “I cannot meet and attract the man” lasted. And I do not mean that I had no meetings and the relations with men at all. Were, only all of them came to an end or after the first appointment, after weeks or months of communication, and came to an end, in fact, on my initiative. About what mistakes of the girl are made on the first dates.

Simply I did not feel that I want to be near this person many years, to develop and improve our relations. I did not feel constant delight and pleasure from time spent with this or that man did not feel requirement to be for it the best, to do surprises, to surprise, please. And after all men that were not some bad, anybody did not offend me and did not change. But I did not feel true proximity, coziness, comfort, ease, openness. Every time stopped the relations as thought” better than any relations, than “defective””. And then, how in one of days I told that to the girlfriend what I do not understand, what it occurs and why I cannot meet the one whom I want? And the wise girlfriend asked me and that specifically I, actually, want? I tried to answer a question and understood that:

  1. I not quite represent that I want, that is, I had quite abstract idea of desirable happiness “in general”;
  2. Even proceeding from quite general ideas of the desirable man, it is visible that my actions, my former choice of men not quite correspond to my desires.

And then my wise friend advised me to sit down and formulate quietly, and then to write down on paper, an image of the man of my dream (as it looks, what character at it, a behavior manner, what at us with it the relations).

(Psychologists even advise to draw a portrait – as it will be dressed and in what, can do it a suit, and the sweater and jeans,… what shape of a nose at it, a section of eyes, a hairstyle can).

And then I used up some sheets and understood that I actually want! I described qualities, important and basic for me (internal and external), I described our relations. I did not forget to specify that I love it, and he loves me (after all until then at me happened that there is something one). I even gave some concrete examples of his behavior, words and acts, options of our pastime.

(Psychologists advise to register and a kind of activity of the man, with which to the woman it will be comfortable).

And since then I began to understand much better myself and to see round the men similar to this image, and those who actually is far from it, my attention began to bypass not to make mistakes anymore and not to deceive itself.

Very important! Besides, I closed eyes and often for the night represented the man near myself, some joint actions, situations, and all these thoughts and dreams of our relations, all these pictures in me were permanently impregnated with pleasure! That is, in fact, I thought of it, strengthened in myself its image, concentrated on this image, attracted the man of the dream in the life.

(Psychologists recommend to represent that the man of dream already nearby. Besides, advise to create conditions for the man who will appear in your life, to prepare for it “place”, even in literal sense – to get “guest” slippers, to 1 more circle, a plate, to buy a big bed. And, besides, beautiful linen, beautiful dressing gown. That is, to wait for it, to be ready to that it will appear soon).

I created an image at myself in the head and constantly strengthened it, thus tried not to be nervous on the fact that it did not appear yet, and stocked up with internal confidence that it surely will appear especially as now I precisely recognize him at a meeting. Very important and that I told myself: “I am worthy such man. I am worthy the best man (the best to my measures)!”. How to raise a self-assessment and to understand that you are worthy the best man read in article about increase of a self-assessment.

Also I reflected on what I want to be a woman to be near Such man?! Also the desire, and then and actions began to arise: I began to change the outlook in some points, began to change perception of, the attitude towards myself, began to change partially the appearance, to develop in separate fields of knowledge and abilities. And in general, I decided for myself that is important not to go with looking around and in a condition of continuous disturbing expectation, and to develop most, to be interesting to, interesting to live, then over time I will meet him and surely it will be pleasant and I will be interesting to it.

But, of course, it is also important to look around and notice people round himself!

(Sex psychologists say: “you can be absolutely sure that the meeting will occur while you least of all expect it”).

When the image of your man lives and becomes stronger in you, your meeting will occur easily and unexpectedly, simply you will see it and learn, and he will understand that it you that you – that.

To me it happened quite so. I will not say that it was the love at first sight. But from the moment of the first meeting IT sank down to me in soul, was remembered to me and then me unconsciously, but is insuperable, pulled to it. And in the course of our meetings, communication, I realized everything more accurately that it is that person, which image I created and carried in myself. And now we together, we love each other and we are very happy. Therefore, never doubt that the law of an attraction works. The main thing to concentrate at image every day within at least several months and it is obligatory to write down about what or about whom, you dream.

It works. Simply understand, what it, your man of dream? Accurately create its image and take pleasure in that you will have such man. And after a while you surely will be together! But it is also important to consider, what else belief to you enclosed in the childhood. After all, that you were inspired by parents, is now realized in your life.