Law of an attraction and power of our thoughts


The secrecy of the Law of an attraction, or, otherwise, one of the basic principles of occultism, was known devoted till Christmas. Alfred Percy Sinnett (1840-1921) wrote about him in the work “Le monde occulte” long before Esther and Gerry Hicks excited minds of the contemporaries the book published by them.

How exactly the law of attraction works?

To understand how the Law of an attraction works, it is necessary to remember that the real world seen by all will get other, no sensory and invisible most of people, the world which is inhabited by spiritual beings and the fancies created by us. In “The occult world” Sinnett writes that the person continuously inhabits the way passed by it in world space, a huge number of images which represent children of his desires, imaginations, aspirations and passions. And that any human thought at the time of its emergence and development passes into the outside world where turns into an active being.

This thought lives as reasonable creation, more or less long time which depends at most tensions of a brain which generated it.

In other words, any thought released us in space comes to life, and begins to look for ways of the embodiment actively. The more intensively we feed a thought, the more persistently it looks for itself ways to be implemented. That is, the law of an attraction and power of thought are interconnected.

Law of an attraction and our thoughts

If our idea is shaped accurately and clearly, it will be much easier for it to return to us already incarnate reality. It must be kept in mind that for the law of an attraction it is absolutely indifferent what thoughts – positive or negative – to return to us as already realized. Tensely thinking of something bad, ourselves push this thought to execution, thereby helping the law of an attraction to return it to our life already made negative event. In precisely the same way we force the law of an attraction to return to us and the positive moment – if power of thought about it is mute was sufficient for its embodiment.

The law of an attraction in life

You should not perceive the law of an attraction too simply as in life it proves multilaterally. If you, without leaving the apartment, think days of how strongly you want to have the large sum of money, contents of your purse will hardly be increased. However, if you take in this direction any steps (you will begin to look for persistently highly paid work, or to constantly buy lottery tickets, or, eventually, regularly to stake in casino), the Universe by all means will create to you the situation helping to materialize your thought.

How to apply the law of an attraction?

  • 1. Expression “is for certain familiar to you to rush with the idea”. It – what you have to make when you want to achieve something. Persistently think of the topic interesting you, create bright fancies about it, represent that it is already present at your life. Help the law of an attraction to act, and feed it with force of the thought.
  • 2. The thought to which do not attach significance weakens and, eventually, dies, without having achieved the embodiment. In it is one more secrecy of the law of an attraction. Therefore, whenever possible, do not deal with people who are not pleasant to you, and do not carry on a talk on subjects, unpleasant for you, – not to attract destructive and negative images and thoughts in the life.
  • 3. Making out the thought, do not think of what you do not want – think of what you want. The thought “I do not want to be poor” the Universe does not understand as it does not see in it accurately expressed request. While a thought “I want to be rich” very clearly states your desire and, supported with bright figurative representations, actively tries to self-actualize – what the Universe helps it with.
  • In the real world this help, as a rule, is expressed in hints and signs which the Universe sends to the person. Most often they take the form of accidentally heard phrase, left on side the law of an attraction in magazine transport (or newspapers), a conversation which, neither about that, nor from this, is started with you by the met acquaintance works.
  • Learn to pay attention to similar accidents as through them in your life the law of an attraction works. Information sent you in such way for certain contains the instruction on what you should make or in what direction you should move in order that desirable to you it was carried out.
  • 4. Take into consideration that the Law of an attraction in our life works always – irrespective of, we believe in it, or not. However, it must be kept in mind that in life of each person there are predetermined events which to avoid he not in forces.