Opener messages to start chatting with girl


Separately what is an opener you will be able to read on this blog. I will tell only not to take away your time that the opener is the first message which opens your communication. This first message which serves as a catch for communication. Therefore, that the catch was successful, the first message has to be original which will not be similar to other messages. If she becomes interested in your message, then you will get acquainted and will communicate.

Here it is necessary to think up something more original, than just the phrase: “Hi, let’s be on friendly terms” or “Hi, you have cool photos”.

You will be able to find examples of opener in the Internet, but the matter is that over time you have to learn to make them independently. If you learn under each situation and for each girl to invent something new in your head, then you not to be necessary to read articles on the Internet about how to get acquainted with the girl.

Your first task will learn to make catches for communication. That after a catch you could learn to build communication and the nobility, where to build it in what direction.

To understand how to build catches, I chose one photo from the Internet.

girl with dog

So, we look at this girl, we peer attentively what you pay attention to? On a smile? Eyes? Hair? Here for example, ask yourself what you would write to it?

Hi, you mind-blowing look?“, “Hi, you have a cool dog?“, “Hi you have beautiful eyes, a smile, eyebrows?“.

The matter is that write such nice girl it constantly. It is necessary to understand that when you write the beautiful girl that she beautiful, you raise her status in her eyes, she knows it and so, already wrote her about it to you. On all your compliments, she will write: “Thanks” or “Thanks, I know”. You as a result there is nothing you will not be hooked.

In such cases, it is necessary to behave as equals with the girl even if you also consider the main thing self-confidence can itself not such attractive as she, but.

Now I will show those catches which were noted by me to myself in this photo with the girl.

I noted 14 catches of those which to me came to attention, you can notice now still the sea far from this girl on the right, but as the sea it is precisely unclear or not, I did not take it in attention.

I numbered catches as noticed them, looking at the photo:

  1. Eyes
  2. Hair
  3. Eyebrows
  4. Smile (lips, teeth)
  5. Shirt
  6. Legs
  7. Accessories
  8. Rings
  9. Bracelet

Let’s assume that you were also attentive, as well as I, at the end of this article there will be one more check on attentiveness. If to consider that guys pay attention to eyes, hair, eyebrows, a smile first of all, then it is possible to assume that write a thicket with it about what beautiful eyes at it, a smile, etc.

How into the account of all other catches? Clothes? And how into the account of a collie? She so strong embraced him that at it particular interest in this pet, can do it her dog, and can do it for a photo shoot is so conceived, but a catch very good. Notice that I noticed rings and bracelets practically in the last turn. She loves accessories, it can be noticed by their quantity on hands.

Rule of the first messages to the girl

Remember, rules of the first messages. In them definitely there should not be platitudes, or any hints on bed stages. Even if you aim sex initially, your communication has to seem to the girl more game, than manifestation of your open violent imagination. There are no readily available girls, even prostitutes give not all, remember it. Be tactful and attentive, notice each detail of its clothes and everything that near it, even the most little significant detail it is possible to beat and turn beautifully communication simply into a storm of pleasant surprises from its party. She will precisely notice your special attentiveness. The first message has to be such that the girl could not answer: “Yes” or “No”, that your message at least it pushed on the developed answer from three, four words. Your first message should not have mistakes because at the beginning of communication the girl can be disappointed at once. If you are not confident in the spelling, use the editor, Microsoft Word will descend for spell check. Do not put it above yourself, it same as you therefore it is forbidden to sprinkle it with compliments in the first message. Choose those who in online. Be not persuasive. It as fishing in which you throw a rod on which fish has to peck. You fish around with a bait and wait until on your bait that girl pecks.

Your homework: to note to yourself feature of girls whom you will see now in photos which I chose. What do you see what catches, with what you would begin acquaintance to them?